Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I beside you feel that horrible pain,
As it drives us both as one insane,
Satanic in it's haunting verse,
In the play of death, we both rehearse.

Sour grapes, from choking vines,
The age of time, has turned us blind,
The years are gone, of love we have known,
But many times, dead souls were shown.

Stay together, one for all,
Let our fathers catch us, lest we fall,
Grin and bear your fatal breath,
Inhale with me the gales of death.

Pearly gates, are all amidst,
As we fall quick, in endless pits,
Falling, no where to grab and hold,
We see the flames of hell unfold.

Search they say, and you will seek,
Instead life's journey leaves us weak,
How soon then is now? How soon is never?
We died inside, but we live forever.

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