Saturday, February 11, 2012

Live With It

My days of comforting you are through,
The only one who will pull you from this hell you're in is you,
I've dedicated endless time and every ounce of love to this,
And yet, in times of hardship, I'M the one that you dismiss,
I cannot keep on living in the shadows that you cast,

You fill my soul with water, and I'm drowning way too fast,
I'm tired of you needing space, and needing time to think,
The fact is, the next time you close me out I'll be gone before you blink,

I'm beyond pissed off and frustrated with your disappearing acts,
And all of your "I'm Sorry's" never justify the facts,
You leave me hanging on this cross gasping for the air,
And I'm through with being the sacrificial lamb of your dispair,

If you wish to change the course of your life, it has to start today,
Because the way you treat me like nothing is driving me away,
You'd best rethink and realize my love is real while I still give it,
If you don't I'll be fucking gone, and this life you choose, you'll live it.