Thursday, April 26, 2012

As Your Casket Closes

Today I had to let you go, once and for all,
I’ve had enough of you throwing all my love against the wall,
It’s true I love you still, but you have left me in the cold,
And all the silence has left me hurt, and now its growing old,
I cannot change the way you feel, or make you understand,
And it seems that now, at last, I haven’t a leg on which to stand,
I’ve tried to save what once was great, but you just disappeared,
And now I have to face the life, for far too long I’ve feared.

I’m stumbling over all your words, and things you made me feel,
But now I doubt that any of those things were even real,
How can you expect me to believe that you were sincere,
When you walk away, just like that, and leave me dying here,
It doesn’t make a lick of sense, and I really don’t know why,
You said the things you did, and then just grew some wings to fly,
Away from us and all we had, without even a sound,
It appears the love I wrapped you with, has now become unwound.

I tried my best to deal with things, as messed up as they were,
But every volcano full of rage, erupts eventually, for sure,
I cannot be kept in the shadows, when all I wanted for you was light,
But I can’t be the only one who fights for what is right,
I made my effort to fix it, and try to talk things through,
But you ignored me and left me broken, just like you always do,
I guess I never meant enough, despite the things you claimed,
And though I will have to walk away from this, I do so unashamed.

Because I know I loved you the best I could, no matter what you say,
And I hope you never live to regret the love you’ve thrown away,
I can’t deny I was frustrated, but only because I Loved you so much,
And instead of trying to understand it, you used it as a crutch,
I have no regrets, I gave it my all, and you can guarantee,
You’ll search for quite awhile to find a love as real as me,
As I turn my back as you have forced me to, I shed a tear as I depart,
But as your casket closes, so too does my heart.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Invest In Vain

Invest in me my love, and I will surely let you down,
I’ll make you feel like royalty, and then I’ll watch you drown,
For me you are a great escape, for all the things I need,
But in the end, I’ll go back to him, and leave you alone to bleed,
Invest in me my love, and I will break your heart,
I’ll come to you on my terms, and I’ll choose when we depart,
I know I’ve got you in my hands, it’s where I like you most,
But when you search for me, I’ll be invisible like a ghost.

I know you are in love with me, it fills my heart with glee,
But I cannot not leave my other life, it isn’t you… it’s me,
It’s not because I hate you, or because it isn’t real,
It’s because I fear to make a choice, and I’m too afraid to feel,
It’s true I love you, I hope you know, but try to understand,
I’ve got a million excuses why I cannot take your hand,
I’ll say the things you need to hear, to keep you close to me,
But in the end, I’ll disappoint you… it’s how it has to be.

Invest in me my love, and I will bring you to your knees,
I’ll fill your heart with love, and then I’ll kill it like disease,
I’ll put myself in all your thoughts, and make you wonder why,
I’ll withdraw from you when things get weird, and leave you there to cry,
I can’t have you like you want, but I have to let you know,
You give me far too much for me to ever let you go,
So invest in me my love, and let me make it clear,
As long as you'll let me need you… I surely will my dear…

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Fall

For all my life I've always found a way to mess things up,
I've always fought so hard for things I should've given up,
Forget the fact I'm stupid, and that nothing's as it seems,
I always find the path that takes me furthest from my dreams,
With every disappointment, and every lesson learned,
I wear the scars of misery, that clearly I have earned,
If you swim in the ocean of consequence where people let you down,
You'd best believe this ruthless world will gladly watch you drown,
I've always let my heart lead me, everywhere I've gone,
And despite the best intentions... the heartbreaks linger on,
And just when things get better, and my hope becomes reborn,
The storm clouds block the sunshine and my optimism's torn,
I put my faith in loving you... hoping I was right,
Yet somehow, instead I'm plunged into endless night,
The problem with the fact I let you build me up so tall,
Is that inevitably... I'll shatter when I fall.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Somnolent Whispers

In the wake of heartbreak I inevitably swoon,
Amidst the blinding shadows of the eclipsing moon,
Visceral and foreboding in my numb and transient mood,
Comatose as the fibers of my soul become unglued,
Silent are the echoes in the corners of the room,
Muffled is the heart that beats in the face of doom,
Unraveled and unbridled by my accepted demise,
I fall into my destiny, and slowly close my eyes,
Fractured by the many years of weight that I have carried,
Haunted by the emotions I have kept deep inside and buried,
Listless in my will to erase the memories of despair,
Submerged in misery as ravens fill the air,
Somnolent whispers are all this heart shall know,
Far, far too afraid of letting go,
For in the end the silence is the blood that keeps me alive,
Until the well runs dry and my will to live on dies.