Monday, April 16, 2012

Invest In Vain

Invest in me my love, and I will surely let you down,
I’ll make you feel like royalty, and then I’ll watch you drown,
For me you are a great escape, for all the things I need,
But in the end, I’ll go back to him, and leave you alone to bleed,
Invest in me my love, and I will break your heart,
I’ll come to you on my terms, and I’ll choose when we depart,
I know I’ve got you in my hands, it’s where I like you most,
But when you search for me, I’ll be invisible like a ghost.

I know you are in love with me, it fills my heart with glee,
But I cannot not leave my other life, it isn’t you… it’s me,
It’s not because I hate you, or because it isn’t real,
It’s because I fear to make a choice, and I’m too afraid to feel,
It’s true I love you, I hope you know, but try to understand,
I’ve got a million excuses why I cannot take your hand,
I’ll say the things you need to hear, to keep you close to me,
But in the end, I’ll disappoint you… it’s how it has to be.

Invest in me my love, and I will bring you to your knees,
I’ll fill your heart with love, and then I’ll kill it like disease,
I’ll put myself in all your thoughts, and make you wonder why,
I’ll withdraw from you when things get weird, and leave you there to cry,
I can’t have you like you want, but I have to let you know,
You give me far too much for me to ever let you go,
So invest in me my love, and let me make it clear,
As long as you'll let me need you… I surely will my dear…


  1. Broke my heart a little.... but I love it :) ~J

  2. broke mine too... writing it, and receiving it.