Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Fall

For all my life I've always found a way to mess things up,
I've always fought so hard for things I should've given up,
Forget the fact I'm stupid, and that nothing's as it seems,
I always find the path that takes me furthest from my dreams,
With every disappointment, and every lesson learned,
I wear the scars of misery, that clearly I have earned,
If you swim in the ocean of consequence where people let you down,
You'd best believe this ruthless world will gladly watch you drown,
I've always let my heart lead me, everywhere I've gone,
And despite the best intentions... the heartbreaks linger on,
And just when things get better, and my hope becomes reborn,
The storm clouds block the sunshine and my optimism's torn,
I put my faith in loving you... hoping I was right,
Yet somehow, instead I'm plunged into endless night,
The problem with the fact I let you build me up so tall,
Is that inevitably... I'll shatter when I fall.

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