Thursday, April 12, 2012

Somnolent Whispers

In the wake of heartbreak I inevitably swoon,
Amidst the blinding shadows of the eclipsing moon,
Visceral and foreboding in my numb and transient mood,
Comatose as the fibers of my soul become unglued,
Silent are the echoes in the corners of the room,
Muffled is the heart that beats in the face of doom,
Unraveled and unbridled by my accepted demise,
I fall into my destiny, and slowly close my eyes,
Fractured by the many years of weight that I have carried,
Haunted by the emotions I have kept deep inside and buried,
Listless in my will to erase the memories of despair,
Submerged in misery as ravens fill the air,
Somnolent whispers are all this heart shall know,
Far, far too afraid of letting go,
For in the end the silence is the blood that keeps me alive,
Until the well runs dry and my will to live on dies.

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