Friday, March 30, 2012

The Calamitous Void

In the silence of sadness is an ever chilling wind,
Where the hand of death upon your shoulder rests,
Numbing the tissues and slaying the nerves,
Where reaching out leads to many regrets,
A lonely heart… a temple for dismay,
A broken one… a casket for the soul,
Buried deep in the dirt of consequence,
Eternally taking its treacherous toll.

In the silence of heartbreak is a viral hate,
A dissident of enormous proportions infested,
The murdering of a love once enjoyed,
Exhumed into a world of pain detested,
A lifeless smile… a mask of agony,
A heartless soul… a crown of thorns,
Into the shadows of tormenting screams,
This heart of blackness mourns.

In the silence of rejection is a tragic tale,
An affliction of disastrous destruction,
Eats away at the ventricles and veins of life,
Plunging the heart into an abyss of dysfunction
A scorned hope... a funeral hymn,
A dying dream... a fatal incision,
Into the calamitous void I stumble slow,
Until my expiration frees me from my prison.

1 comment:

  1. I can hear your tears in this poem.
    I hope you find your freedom