Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Broken Heart Suicide

Take a breath, could die tomorrow,
Misery, is such sweet sorrow,
All is dark, and no one hears me,
I feel as though eternity nears me,
Just can't seem to find the thoughts,
All alone my broken heart rots,

Losing control of all vital signs,
Slower the pulses and straighter the lines,
Death may be a merciful choice,
My heart tries to scream, but a heart has no voice,
Happiness will leave me soon,
Crippled in heart in an empty room.

No more days to greet with a smile,
My pulse grows weaker all the while,
The hourglass is running empty,
The grains of pain which fell were plenty,
Don't know how long I can hold on,
Before the life inside me is gone.

Now my eyes grow much, much heavier,
Hate is evil, but love can be deadlier,
My hour to pass is coming quickly,
To take my troubled soul away swiftly,
One last time my shattered heart cried,
Then I committed broken heart suicide.

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