Sunday, January 15, 2012


How do I replace the damaged cells?
The ones you left me with deep inside
The scars and tears of emptiness and loss
The sadness and the pain I cannot hide.

How do I correct this vessel's course?
When all I've ever sailed towards was you
Through heavy rain and violent winds of hopelessness
On a path I knew would never get to you.

How do I remove you from my heart?
When getting you there has always been the goal
Now I feel the emptiness that fills where you once were
Like echoes in the dark corners of my soul.

How do I accept the devastation?
That the tornado of your love left in my heart
And come to terms with the inevitable pain
That my dreams of you and I are blown apart.

How do I erase the visions of you lying in my arms?
All the embraces that made my jumping heart beat still
As much as I would love to destroy my memories of you
The harsh truth is... I probably never will.

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