Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Sorry...

The moon above is dark and mysterious,
Outside sane, however, inside delirious,
The pain we suffer can hurt us deep,
The blackened memories are all we shall keep,
I feel so bitterly all alone,
I thought together, but apart we have grown,
I guess out lives ran out of glory,
I don't know how to say I'm sorry.

I tried to be what you wanted to see,
But who I was just was not me,
You saw something in me that was merely illusion,
A solution lies buried amidst any confusion,
I took a chance and now I'm blue,
I gained not a thing, yet I have lost all... in you,
A lonely rock in an empty quarry,
Is it too late to tell you I'm Sorry?

Where I go now, I do not know,
I'm too in love to dare let go,
I cannot sleep, I have no peace,
My grip on you I won't release,
I can't go on, and this I know,
If you only knew how I loved you so,
My life is now a tragic story,
A waste of breath to say I'm Sorry.

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