Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memoirs Of A Broken Heart

Once you have loved someone in your life,
The feelings stays with you, and leaves you never,
And though you wish that it would stay,
You know it doesn't last forever,
It doesn't take as much to love,
As it does to be loved back,
But when you have given all for love,
The loss can break your back,
The sun may shine a thousand days,
And the love may keep you proud,
But when it starts to slip away,
You cry alone...aloud,
Where do you turn when the day is dark,
And the love that fills your heart is gone,
You sit and ponder the countless days,
And think of what you did so wrong,
True love they say is hard to find,
And more times than not this phrase holds true,
And days go by when the thunder roars,
And it turns your heart dark blue.

Love is known to come and go,
It's brutal, tough, and hit's you hard,
And just when you think the going's good,
Your wrong, and soon you are scarred,
Herein lies the prevailing truth,
Of loves broken passed,
You wonder if the pain will ever go,
Or stay and eternally last,
When darkened sorrow rips your heart, this is when you'll see,
These memories that should make you strong, only make you weep.

Cruel and ruthless is this game,
The players stretch both far and wide,
And when the horsemen come to take your heart,
There's nowhere left to hide,
The wind will carry little joy,
And in the silence you hear the whispering trees,
The memories, now haunt your mind,
So, what memories are these.

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