Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'll Do It Myself

Life has blessed me with a curse of rage,
That holds me still like a cat in a cage,
Full of love, yet SO full of spite,
That the simplest of scenarios can so easily incite,
Which isn’t to say, that I don’t realize,
That it’s the life I’ve lived that I’ve learned to despise,
I just think that sometimes I get overcome,
By the disappointments and wrongs upon me done.

I’ve made my mistakes, and learned all the lessons,
Yet, somehow my faith in myself always lessens,
I know I need to just let the past die,
But in times of frustration I just cant let it lie,
I worry and panic and create mass dismay,
At the risk of throwing a real love away,
You’d think I would learn to resist the temptation,
Instead of steering myself towards total devastation.

The time has come to bury my haunted past,
My last late night outburst need be my last,
I love her too much to ever let go,
But love sometimes presses me to myself overthrow,
She is my life and I must find a way,
To send my past to the grave and start a new day,
Because with all the rage that I’ve thrust on your shelf….

I’ve come to realize I don’t need you to ruin my life...
I’m dumb enough that I’ll find a way to do it myself.

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