Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shut It Down

Today was a turning point for me
I realized who I need to be, is me...
With wounded heart and apathy in hand
Its time to turn away and make a stand
I've been down... a lot... and now its time
To spin myself around amidst this rhyme
To face the fact that maybe I'm just lost
I need to find my way at any cost
Sometimes I wish that she would leave my head
Despite the fact thats just the thing I dread
Truth be known, she couldn't be the one
For if she were, by now we'd have begun
Walking away has always seemed like quitting
But I'm realizing now, that it's admitting
That what we want isn't always what we need
So perhaps it's time to cut her out, and bleed...
Suffice to say, it hurts... in fact, it kills...
But torturing myself only instills
A weakness in me that will surely make me drown
My heart is torn and now I'll shut it down.

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