Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Upon the light of mere reflection,
Is brought unto you a recollection,
Back to years of past dismay,
Of shallow dreams, which fade away,
On through serenity, treacheries last,
It seems your hope is fading fast,
Tomorrow's clouds burn today's red sun,
While yesterdays miseries have just begun.

Rainbows lead to foolish gold,
The legends see their lives retold,
Stories changed by the generations,
Not of success, but of apparitions,
Bloody trails lead to paths too dreary,
Leaving travellers much too weary,
The lifeless trees torment in wrath,
As we wander down eternities path.

Come to the crossroads too confusing,
Your sense of sanity you are losing,
Miles of desert, dry and empty,
The sun and heat are all that is plenty,
Still journey on my vulgar friend,
Just hope you reach this journey's end,
Demented minds of twisted lulls,
Encircle you alongside dying gulls.

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