Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It seems my lungs at last are seizing
Leaving me coughing, gagging and wheezing
Gasping for breath and begging for air
Turning dark blue like the ocean of despair
The blood in my veins is starting to crawl
As my brain starts to hemorrhage in the thick of it all
The chambers of my heart are starting to pound
As the light turns to black, I can’t hear a sound
Catharsis now is setting in
And a burning sensation is stinging my skin
My arm’s going numb, my balance is gone
My eyes start to water, I won’t see the dawn
My muscles all tighten and cramp up with pain
I reach for my throat, but I know its in vain,
For now it’s too late, I will never get loose,
As I hang from the ceiling doomed by this noose.