Monday, January 23, 2012

Requiem For The Heart

We are gathered here today, to say our last goodbye,
To a heart we all loved dearly, but in the end, had to die,
Far too tormented, and twisted with pain and constant hurt,
We lower it so slowly now, to its place beneath the dirt.

Today there shall be no eulogy, or words of remembrance to say,
For broken hearts do not need reminded of how they got that way,
Instead we’ll simply bow our heads, silently in prayer,
And lay black roses full of thorns in memorial of its despair.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, the church bells ring as tears,
And fill the sky with a funeral hymn, reflecting on the years,
There shall be no stone or monument, to clearly mark the place,
Where this heart now lies forever, like a name without a face.

There shall be no wake… no celebration of the life it once had,
All that remains are memories, that leave our hearts so sad,
Everyone keeps telling me, as time passes I’ll be fine,
But the problem is, the heart we laid to rest today… was mine.


  1. I can completely relate...very sad and soul touching poem. Very clever poem

    1. I wrote this one when I had a dream about a funeral after breaking up with an ex. It was kinda surreal. Thanks for reading :D