Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Eulogy

I hear the church knell sound for us, the funeral has begun,
I drop to my knees in misery, mourning for the one,
It seems I’ve lost this game of love, I thought I played so well,
But instead of the heaven I sought, I’m plunged right into hell,
My heart opened for you like a big, deep breath, and easily drew you in,
My flesh grew porous as a sponge, and you melted right into my skin,
My soul was intoxicated by your beautiful smile,
This is a hangover I won’t recover from for awhile
The preacher is reading our last rights, as our love is laid to rest,
As the tears start to flow, a longing drives pain deep into my chest,
As what’s left of us is lowered slowly but surely into the ground,
I open my soul to scream for you, but I’m too numb to utter a sound,
With a final amen, and a bowing of
heads, the dirt is slowly tossed,
I drop my face into my hands, in sorrow of all I’ve lost,
I won’t deny that when you left, a big part of me died,
Six feet deep I will rest in pain, until you return and I am revived.

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