Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I step into the ring with you, holding heart in hands
And before the ref even rings the bell, your hard right hook lands,
It sends me reeling towards the ropes, and bloodies up my nose,
And then you’re back on top of me, delivering endless blows,
I stagger to my feet to try and counter all your shots,
But now my skin is stained with blood and the cuts are forming clots,
I’m woozy and off balance, and the lights are blinding my eyes,
I can see this fight will end soon, and spell my quick demise.

I try to fight back in defensiveness, to pull a will from within,
But just as the adrenaline starts to flow, another jab to the chin,
It seems I’m swinging aimlessly trying to hold on,
Until I finally realize, my will to win is gone,
I never had a chance in this, and the beating has worn me down,
I brought my heart to you, and now you’ve thrown it to the ground,
My love has been rescinded, and the lips that once kissed you, fat,
As I lie in a crumpled heap of pain, lifeless on the mat.

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