Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dying Inside

Look deep into my eyes,
See the pain, hear tortured cries,
Deeper still and you will realize,
I am not sleeping, I'm no longer alive.

My body is here but my soul is free,
Escaping from that which beckons to me,
Into a demention of the unknown,
Surrounded by others, but still so alone.

Fear not the melancholy crying of the gull,
To me it is merely a peaceful lull,
Elude the light, flee into night,
Tranquillity is within my sight.

Wasted time, and washed out days,
Crucial measures require desperate ways,
Speak the truth reveal not a lie,
I am fading fast and I wish to die.

This world holds nothing more for me,
An oblivion of pain and agony,
Amid the depths of my body bleed,
I have lost the will of that which to exceed.
Life just seems to be slipping away,
Declining expeditiously every day.

Although, death, I do not fear,
I do not cry, shed no single tear,
With welcome arms, I spread apart,
Wave a last goodbye, and then depart.

The love I hold, I will not forget,
Dear memories I cannot omit,
But I grow tired, and terribly weak,
The existing future looks eminently bleak.

My facades are phony, and a smile quite rare,
Reality seems too severe to bear,
Silent screams course through my veins,
I must secede while I still am sane.


  1. Brought tears to my eyes...how you seem to capture all those feelings I feel; it's like looking into a mirror reading your poem x
    You really have a way with words...so much emotion in your poems

    1. Well, in that case, I hope your life gets better. A lot of what I write is driven by emotions I am feeling at the time. We all deal with loss, sadness, vain etc., but remember, its how we rebound from it that makes us who we are. God bless.