Monday, January 7, 2013

Soul Crusher

Shall I compare thee to a demon's sharp horns?
Or a beautiful rose, enshrouded in thorns,
A vengeful dragon with breath of black fire,
And the darkest of hearts, only Satan could admire,
A typhoon of ferociousness, clearing all in its path,
A plague of disease, full of merciless wrath,
Turning light into darkness and hopes into fears,
Unleashing its torment in a monsoon of tears.

Shall I compare thee to a venomous snake?
Or the screams of a Witch's last breath on the stake,
Deafening thunder of the Gods, great Olympus falls,
A whirlwind of evil crumbling Jericho's walls,
More vile and cerebral than a Satanists verse,
More sinister and viral than a Pharaoh's curse,
The ear shattering sirens of the trumpets of death,
Contrasted by the silence of its victim's last breath.

Shall I compare thee to a funeral knell?
Or the smell of burnt flesh from the depths of this hell,
The cauterized wounds from the knives in my back,
Or the gnashing of the marrow in my bones as they crack,
The applier of the noose to the necks of the weak,
The destroyer of optimism and bringer of bleak,
Grab for your crucifix and hope your prayer holds,
There shall be no forgiveness from the crusher of souls.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. I love your style and admire your courage to bare your soul to the world. Sweet dreams Mr Ink.