Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Mourning After

Strike the match and light the fuse that leads to your despair,
And hurl your poisonous arrows from your lips without a care,
Flip the switch and draw your sword to slay those who oppose,
Ignore the pleas of my innocent heart that bleeds beneath your nose,
Feed the fire that fuels your hate and causes your blood to burn,
And suffocate the love inside like ashes of the dead in an urn,
Remember not, that your anger leads my soul to dwell in sorrow,
But I will be ok I think… if you still love me tomorrow.

Clench your fist and grit your teeth to recharge the vileness in your veins,
Rip your heart away in angst like a monster tangled in chains,
Chew on the scabs of the scars that you leave scattered in your wake,
And deny yourself the happiness I’ve laid before you to take,
Spew the venom that stings my eyes and cripples me in pain,
Ignore the cries for mercy that I clearly have uttered in vain,
Shielding myself in fear with these barriers I was forced to borrow,
But I will be ok I think… if you love me still tomorrow.

Clean up the blood with ammonia and cover up your tracks,
Grab the glue and mend your heart of its hundreds of oozing cracks,
Fall on your sword in disappointment, utter guilt and regret,
Cry in your pillow in misery… and pray to God I forget,
The travesty you unleashed upon me… and the remorse that fills your soul,
The cycle continues to spiral in ruin… taking toll after treacherous toll,
Wrapped up in your blanket… wet tears dripping… drowning in sorrow,
But I think you’ll be ok… if I can still love you tomorrow…

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