Saturday, January 5, 2013

Enslaved In Psychosis

Rendered catatonic by my delusions and empty dreams,
Lost within my own minds eye, and tearing at the seams,
My grandeur visions... epiphanies, my lost reality... parasites,
Plunge me hopelessly into abysmal nights.

Jaded... my flesh tainted, my soul invaded by sorrow,
Consumed by tragedies of yesterday, and fearfulness of tomorrow,
I carry the virus of of trepidation deep within my veins,
Leaving me somber and dilapidated and covered in these stains.

Surgical in my own self destruction, the Doctor of my own demise,
Sordid is the optimism within, that slowly rots and dies,
Neurotically denying all that which has weakened my soul,
Necrosis slaughters my living cells, as misery takes control.

Systematic in my quest for relief from the tormenting pain,
Perseverance by my side as I steal out into the violent rain,
To shatter the shackles that bind me, and keep me from my dreams,
Eyes fixed... without wavering, on the prize, that even now still gleams...

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