Monday, May 21, 2012

Paradise Lost

Reflecting upon the many things I have endeavored,
Once again, all the dreams I have in life are severed,
Drowned in infamy and shrouded by the lies,
Another piece of my wounded black heart dies,
Drenched in guilt and confounded by such shame,
I meddle in the torture that bears your name,
I stand beneath the sun arms wide apart,
As you plunge the dagger deep into my heart.

I tried so hard to try to make you see,
The love that would have rescued you, was me,
And yet, you turned your back on me once more,
And left me in the rain outside your door,
It rattles me and pains me to the bone,
To watch you walk away from all we’ve known,
But in the end, I’ve come to understand,
I cannot force my heart into your hand.

Maybe it’s the fact that you are too afraid,
Perhaps it’s the end of a game you've well played,
But you can bet your life I question everything you said,
By the fact you’ve turned away and left me for dead,
Comprehension, I have none… how could I ever?
Especially when you claimed you’d want to lose me never,
I guess everything isn’t quite as real as it sometimes seems,
Once the Reaper takes his sickle to your dreams.

I invested so much love in you, and tried to heal your soul,
But now the fact you dismiss me, is taking its final toll,
I came to accept, and love you, for who I THOUGHT you were,
But you just aren’t that person, that much is for sure,
You cannot love someone and just leave them in the cold,
This isn’t some twisted game where love is bought and sold,
I opened up my heart to you, and left myself exposed,
And now the veins that pump my blood have closed.

Maybe to you, whatever we had was nothing, just for kicks,
But to me, it was something that I perceived as worth the risks,
Clearly, however, I was wrong about the way you really thought,
And the ease with which you drop me has me feeling quite distraught,
I’m not really sure what more I could have done to make you see,
That the person who was taking all the bullets for you was me,
Sometimes you have to lose something, to realize the cost,
As you slowly drift away from the paradise you lost.

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