Monday, May 21, 2012

Heartbreak and Headstones

I’ve always equated love lost with death,
Like a sickened soul taking its final breath,
The memories like the headstone with an epitaph,
The place I go to mourn while reapers laugh,
I’ve always equated walking away to a funeral procession,
Grieving with no real sense of direction,
Weeping and tolling in sadness and distress,
Leaving my complexion a teary mess.
I’ve always equated goodbye as eulogy,
Uttered words with no reason in futility,
Kneeling with Kleenex and tattered hopes,
Lowering the coffin with squeaking ropes,
I’ve always equated heartbreak as a burial ceremony,
Leaving me dressed in black and painfully lonely,
Choking up inside with every ring of the knell,
Heartbreak and headstones… two things I know too well…

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