Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kiss Of Death

From the lips of angels come the most heartbreaking goodbyes,
Like a poisoned tip on Cupid’s somber arrow as it flies,
Hampered in the heart by a love far too ill-fated,
Leaving me in a puddle of grief, humbly devastated,
Riddled in the mind by the deathly silent cacophony,
Exhuming within me the raw emotions of regret and agony,
The angel spread her wings and flew away when I needed her most,
Leaving me soulless, dead, and colorlessly pale as a ghost,
I still remember with vividness the sweetness of her skin,
As vivid as the emptiness she left in me, deep within,
I can’t erase the memories or the moments that we shared,
It leaves me feeling helplessly broken… unable to be repaired,
Tortured behind the venomous stares that fill my hollow eyes,
Much as a mantis that gives its final act of love, then dies,
I never even saw the fangs that hid behind your lips,
Until they bit into my heart, which even now, still drips…

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